There’s a new App in town – PinApp

Hello friends, today I’m talking about a new app, PinApp.

Ada, a member of PinApp Team, invited me to participate at a launching party, at that time I knew nothing about the app, or what the purpose of it was. We all gathered in an apartment, it was the place where I saw all the amazing pictures  with a view towards Eroilor (an #instagramable street in Cluj-Napoca), where we were presented with this app and our role there; which was to support them in developing and make this app popular.

The team that made PinApp is a young and enthusiastic, with the desire to grow and enable users to follow their footsteps through the world by photographing the important moments and sharing them with other friends.

The first impression of this app was a combination of Instagram and Pokemon GO, utilizing the ideas of social apps with the ability to use location more easily. Interesting, don’t you think?

The first time using this app, I was a bit skeptical because it didn’t run the way it should have, but I thought that this is something new and it’s normal to have some issues. Let’s be honest now, no one was able to ride the bike from the first try, we were pushed by our parents. Following Samuel Beckett’s words “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. “.
Our purpose is to provide constructive criticism and to support its growing.

You’ve seen that amazing restaurant or that cool street and you have no idea where the picture was taken. This has happened to me many times, but PinApp is here to solve this misery. Unlike other social apps, PinApp uses Google Maps localization system to locate where the picture is taken, so it’s easier for users to find a certain place.
Thinking back a few years ago during high school, when the geography teacher opened the catalog, and I was “the lucky one” to be asked to locate different objectives on the map, this app would have been so useful.

But enough about what it was, let’s think about what it is and it will be.
Go on AppStore, on Google Play or on your desktop/laptop using this link, and create your account. Don’t forget to follow me (Fratean Adela). Let’s make this app amazing.
You can also find info regarding this app on their Instagram page @pinapptechnology and on Facebook PinApp.
P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well @makeup.with.adela I’ll be posting daily something cool.
Have a lovely Sunday.

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