The day I said YES!

The day I said YES! Like any other story, ours started 6 years ago in a boarding school in Cluj-Napoca. The first time I saw him was at the cafeteria, brown eyes and a warm and welcoming smile, he was my future husband.

He looked towards me with a strange and desperate look that frightened me at first.  I thought I had impressed him with something, but apparently I was wrong. Later I found out that he was looking to see if  they were still serving French Fries. Makes sense, he’s a foodaholic [a person having an excessive, often uncontrollable craving for food].

Since then, the years have gone by so fast, you can’t even imagine. Two years ago, he “grew a pair” and went to my father and asked for my hand. I know what you are thinking girls. And yes! Such boys still exist.

From my husband’s words, my father had tears in his eyes and asked him if he knew what he was getting into so the bargaining started. I just hope my dad got a good deal.

April 23rd 2016 was the day I first said yes. I noticed something was wrong with him, every single word had a drop of excitement, until he wanted to have a walk in the woods. At first I had my doubts, but I was sure that he did not have the courage to do something reckless, with my family a few hundred yards away.

When I saw that he was kneeling, the first instinct was to help him, I thought he tripped, but then I saw the ring, the rest of the picture  blurred. I felt like at the donut shop when asked, if I want Oreo topping, YES! I DO!!!

And here we are now closer to the present, exactly June 29th, 2018, where I said YES for the second time, but this time with witnesses so he had no chance to escape.

Looking at my husband, I can say that I saw a tear drop, but as well as in the first day, I was wrong again, it was the sun ray.

Yes!  He is my husband and I love him.

How does your love story looks like?
Have a lovely evening!
Love, A!

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