Festival Mood ON!

Hi Girls, as we already know the festivals have already started this year so this blogpost comes a little bit late.

This article won’t be long, just three ideas of festival makeup,hair and outfits. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

As we all now in a festival makeup, outfit, hair there are no rules, everything is allowed, so go crazy!  For makeup I used as much highlighter as I could, I wish I had some glitter, but I’ll be more informed and prepared for next year, pinky promise!

Julia’s makeup was a little bit softer but I enjoyed so much creating it, the colors look so spectacular. Just perfect for a festival delight.

Maria’s makeup was my favorite, she was bold and actually going for a full festival makeup. If only I had some glitter, everything would have been actually perfect. What do you think?

The outfits are simple, yet of a great effect from my perspective, not that I am a fashionista but I know a little bit of fashion and style, my friend Maria taught me well.

The two things that should not miss from a festival outfit are a hat and sunglasses, or both, cuz why not?

What festival are you attending this year?Me, personally I am not going to any, but I love the I idea of creating something without boundaries. Don’t you?

I am looking forward to see all the insane festival ideas, I really love when my instagram feed  goes crazy in this period.

Style ideas from one and only @_elements.of.style_

Hair styling by talented @juliaiancu

Great photographs by this guy @batialexandru

Have a great day!


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