Save the Date!

Hi there. This is the first time that I am writing to you only in English. Even though my English isn’t that good, I will learn from my stupid mistakes. The reason why I am writing in English is because I want to reach to more people, not only from Romania, or Romanian language speakers. So, here it is, my first blog post only in English.

Today I am sharing with you a few photos from our “Save the date”shooting. We had a great time, while taking those photos, as you can clearly see.

The Save the date concept is rather new in our country, 4-5 years old maybe, borrowed from America from what I know. It’s a photo shooting where the engaged couple  announce their most important date, the wedding date. You won’t guess which one is ours. Ha Ha.

The shooting took place at Cheile Turzii, somewhere near Cluj-Napoca. If you love traveling and mountains, you really need to go there. The nature is simply amazing, fresh air, greenery, everything you need for a relaxing day and a great sooting.

Young couples also do their “Trash the Dress” shooting there, but i will talk to you about this in September hopefully, after our shooting. If you have location ideas for this shooting, please let me know.

Let’s get back to our story, on a Saturday afternoon we packed our bags and went there with my best friend and her boyfriend who was also our photographer. Thanks Alex for the patience. We were so lucky because the weather was nice, not too warm and it didn’t rain.

As you can clearly see from the shooting there’s nothing serious in our relationship; we are crazy, we don’t stay still, always laughing and feeling comfortable with each other no matter the situation, it was a real challenge to get a few pictures in which we both look decent.

I bought the bouquet from the market, these wild flowers are my favorites during this warm season, I think that they fit the amazingly in a shooting like ours, into the wild nature.

The best surprise was the blackboard that Maria and Alex prepared for us, because we obviously went to the shooting totally unprepared. Thank you guys for this lovely gesture, it meant a lot and it changed the overview of the entire shooting. We are so lucky to have you as friends.

When you’ve spent more than six years together, there is a level of comfort you inevitably possess together. That’s what we had. Something that is natural and heartfelt, where we feel at home in each other’s arms.  It is amazing that from one of the most awkward times in life, a love so beautiful and authentic could be born. We’ll definitely have a story to tell to our children.


I hope you enjoyed this article and there will be many more to come with regards to our love story. I think that the next one will be from our civil wedding, would you like to see pictures from that event as well?

P.S. More amazing photos taken by the one and only Alex can be seen on the most stylish blog: Elements of Style. They create an amazing content, I’m sure you’ll love it!

See you next time,


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